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  • COBB Certified:
    • BMW
    • Ford
    • GTR
    • Porsche
    • Subaru
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    • Mazda
  • Tephra
  • Carberry
  • Opensource
  • All Stand alone software

$150 EJ Engines OTS+ Mapping “Flash and Go”

(Uploaded Map Only. Custom tuning not included)

$350 EJ Single Fuel

$350 EJ205 VF Turbo Single Fuel

$300 EJ205 Single Fuel Map (stock turbo)

$400 Speed Density (Stock Turbo) Single Fuel

$400 Upgraded Turbo / Single Fuel

$450 Upgraded Turbo & Speed Density Single Fuel

$500 Rotated or 35R+ Sized Turbo & Speed Density Single Fuel

$650 EJ FlexFuel Tune Stock Turbo

$750 EJ Flex Fuel -Upgraded Turbo

$850 EJ Flex Fuel -Rotated or 35R+ Sized Turbo


$50 Burble/Pop Tune Add-on Feature

$100 OTS Map Fixes: CELs, MAF Scale, Simple Injector Scales, FPR Kit Stumble Fixes, TGV/Air Pump Codes etc.

$200 EJ E85 Map with Prior Single Fuel Map Tune

Retune Rates Vary Based on new mods change and timing involved to retune vehicle ($200-500+)

Anything is possible, please inquire for custom tunes needed for your automotive needs at

Drunkmann Tuning E-tune Provides Great Performance Without Compromise

Tuning your car is always recommended to get the most out of your performance upgrades. But there are many different types of tunes, so it can be difficult to know where to start.  Especially if you’re a novice when it comes to the Subaru WRX/STI platform.  Fortunately, the Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune is here to help you out with your WRX/STI.  Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune is one of the most cost-efficient parts of its kind and at the same time giving you the convenience to complete the process without having to travel to the shop.

Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune

You can use either Cobb or open-source software to complete your tuning.  Open source is software using a free license, making it accessible to anyone online.  Cobb tuning uses ECU flashing devices so you can change ECU maps for higher power. Cobb can also change maps for protecting the car when someone other than you has access to the keys.  Open source uses RomRaider and supporting programs while Cobb uses ATR.

The tune is determined by the performance parts you installed on your vehicle as well as your goals, whether it’s to maximize horsepower or gain more torque. The best part is you get to be a part of the tuning process where you go on to the open roads, take your vehicle for a couple of pulls for data logs, send it to the tuner for revision, and repeat until you and we are happy about the outcome.

The Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune includes a Burble/Pop Tune add-on which gives you the exciting race-car sound!!

Tuning mods come in three classifications of Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3.  There is no consistent, universally accepted definition for each of them and what makes them different.  Generally speaking, Stage 1 is 20bhp more, has cheaper options, and single bolt on parts or one time upgrade.  Stage 2 is usually 40 bhp more, more money for more power, and uses two or more parts.  Stage 3 is typically 100 bhp more, the most expensive option, and requires internal work as well.  Stage 1 doesn’t require other engine modifications to work, Stage 2 is usually DIY but requires specialist tools, and Stage 3 will typically be a track day or motorsport mod.  Stage 1 mods include induction kits or a simple engine remap and examples of Stage 2 are downpipes or paired with an aftermarket intake system.

Not sure if which e-tune option is best for your car?  We can help you pick, and help with any other questions you have about your WRX/STI and the Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune.  Contact us today about your Drunkmann Tuning E-Tune.

Drunkmann Tuning E-tune

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