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Improving the aesthetic appeal of your car comes with numerous benefits, most notably that it will help you stand out from the masses while allowing you to enjoy enhanced functionality in your vehicle. One of the essential areas that can benefit from a quick swap includes the wheels and rims, with custom features helping you get a customized set of STI wheels.

Top Quality Aftermarket Rims for Sale

Aftermarket rims are renowned for their quality features and perks, some of which include:

Customized Appearance

Aftermarket rims will be your perfect fit if you want a customized look for your ride. If you prefer switching between different styles, a quick swap to 2016 WRX wheels can change up your entire aesthetic.

Enhanced Dynamics

Aftermarket rims improve your vehicle's performance. A customized set of aftermarket wheels provides lightweight properties that help to reduce your vehicle's mass, making it possible to enjoy faster acceleration and handling. The result is improved safety, with fast vehicle responses such as enhanced braking, allowing you to prevent emergencies while on the road.


Aftermarket wheels come in several types. Aluminum wheels are diverse, with their make allowing for one to three designs. This gives you various STI wheels and WRX wheels to choose from, with color customization also made possible.

Steel wheels are other designs in the aftermarket wheel category, with these being a preferred alternative for off-roaders due to their durability in rough terrains. Before hitting the road, ensure that they are coated to minimize rusting, as this will allow for longevity. They also come in numerous designs, enabling car owners to have multiple options to choose from.

These are some of the lighter WRX wheels in the market and will often have simple designs, unlike other types. These can be coated or painted, providing flexibility for your preferred taste.

Find Great Deals on Subaru WRX/STI Wheels

Quality is essential to our aftermarket rims, and all of the products we stock reflect this commitment. We also believe that performance enhancements should be affordable to all car enthusiasts, which is why you’ll find hard-to-beat deals at JDMuscle. The STI wheels come in numerous diameters to enhance fitting needs across multiple hub sizes, ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Our Aftermarket Wheels Come in Many Different Colors Including Matte White & Gloss Black

Some of the most popular colors for our WRX wheels include gloss black, matt white, and storm gray. We also stock up on other options such as platinum gray, silver, and black graphite. If you are also looking for colors that will help your STI wheels stand out, options such as bronze, noble gray, gold, and midnight blue are also available.

If you are looking for any of the above aftermarket wheels to enhance the look and functionality of your car, consider reaching out to us today. You can also browse our gallery to check out some great deals. Our team can help guide you to an ideal pick based on your preference and car specifications for a perfect aftermarket rim and wheel fit.