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JDMuscle knows you want full control of how you customize your car. You want to make it unique and not be held back because of limited options. That’s why we offer so many different style and color shift knobs. The Suji Series shift knob comes in several different colors including black, silver, and white. These S2000 shift knobs are engraved and hand painted with the red Kanji character on the side adding a true Japanese feel to your S2000 and ap2 s2000. The Suji Series Honda S2000 shift knob line extends further as they offer the Black Piston shift knobs. These are perfect for the driver who is looking for more of a raw and mechanical feel when shifting through gears. 


JDMuscle offers a lot of carbon fiber parts because we know that carbon fiber reduces weight, it’s incredibly strong, and quite frankly it looks badass. If you’re looking to tie together the carbon fiber theme and want a carbon fiber S2000 shift knob, then check out the shift knobs we have from Tanso. These sleek Honda S2000 shift knobs provide a balanced weight that allows you to throw the shifter from gear to gear. Their ergonomic size and shape makes them fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Their smooth and glossy finish will not only look beautiful but will provide you with maximum comfort.


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