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Toyota Supra Performance Parts

We have the highest quality Supra aftermarket parts whether you’re upgrading your old Supra or modifying your 2020 model. JDMuscle brings you the best performance parts including the Manley Turbo Platinum Series 2JZ pistons. These pistons are designed to produce maximum power and are trusted in engine produces upwards of 2600hp. Since these cars are so known for their turbo, keep things cool with the ETS Toyota Supra MK4 5” intercooler for your 1993-1998 Supra. Upgrade your engine bay with the Cusco Front and rear Strut bars. These will help to increase rigidity and improve the overall studiness of your Supra.

One of the most effective performance parts you can add to your vehicle is upgrading your suspension with high quality coilovers like the Revel Touring Sport coilover kit. JDMuscle has them for your 93-98 Supra and the brand new 2020 Supra GR. Help your classic Supra breathe a little better with the HKS cat back exhaust system. This quad tip cat back system for your 87-92 Supra features a full 75mm ceramic coated mild steel piping and exits through a single muffler finally to escape out the quad tips. This direct bolt on system comes with all of the necessary hardware and is guaranteed to improve throttle response, horsepower, and torque all while sound aggressive. If you’re looking to put your 2020 Supra to the true test of the track and want to really upgrade your car’s ability to produce downforce then the HKS FRP GT wing is the perfect wing to do just that. This fiberglass and reinforced plastic comes coated with a black gel finish and is just as beautiful as it is effective in producing an incredible amount of downforce.

The Toyota Supra has been in production since 1978 and has remained a popular and affordable sports car through its current generation. A strong and reliable engine mounted to a sturdy chassis with an aerodynamic body provides owners with excellent performance and handling.

Affordable Toyota Supra performance upgrades help to make it an even better sports car that you can use in rally racing and on track days. A variety of Supra aftermarket parts can help you to make yours run and handle even better while boosting the power under the hood.

Popular Toyota Supra Performance Upgrades

A variety of Supra aftermarket parts make it possible to reduce vehicle weight, improve engine performance, and make it handle better in turns. You can buy parts for the body, engine, fuel delivery, and much more.

Bolt-on Toyota Supra performance upgrades are very affordable and easy for experienced home mechanics to install. A good example is the 2020 Supra aftermarket parts that we provide customers to make their cars lighter, faster, and better at handling.

You can get a turbo exhaust that increases the airflow and power delivered by the turbocharger on the inline-six motor. An aftermarket fuel bar and fuel filters are common examples of 2020 Supra performance parts that improve engine performance and increase the power of the Supra’s already potent engine.

Aftermarket Exhausts and Body Parts Increase Performance

All of our 2020 Supra aftermarket parts are from top suppliers and help you to greatly improve your car’s sporting potential. Whether you race or just want a great-handling sports car, our wide variety of aftermarket exhausts, wheels, and body parts will help to make it happen.

You could install a carbon fiber hood that reduces vehicle weight, looks great, and improves airflow. A new rear spoiler or a front splitter helps to improve traction and handling.

Our 2020 Supra performance parts include several aftermarket exhausts that help to scavenge the exhaust fumes and increase airflow through the combustion chamber and out the exhaust valves.

You can contact us to learn more about our many great Toyota Supra performance parts and how to make yours even better than it already is.

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