Collection: Best Honda Civic Type R Aftermarket Parts

Honda Civic Type R Performance Upgrades

JDMuscle is your outfitter for Honda Type R aftermarket parts. No matter what mods or performance upgrades you have in mind for your Honda, we’ve got the performance parts you’re looking for to make it happen. Honda Type R aftermarket parts can take your car from a stock sedan to a street legal race car. A mod that will make a huge impact on your car’s drivability is the suspension and JDMuscle has the performance parts to make it happen. The Air Lift Performance 3P Air Suspension ¼ Air Line 5 Gal polished aluminum tank VIARI 444C comp is the kit you need to make your suspension performance upgrade happen. Did you know that switching to a lighter wheel can dramatically enhance your car’s performance? You wouldn’t think of aftermarket wheels as a performance upgrade but with a lighter and stronger wheel this allows the engine to do less work by rotating less mass. JDMuscle has a very wide selection of Honda Type R aftermarket parts and wheels. Not only does this mod give you the ability to change the exterior aesthetics of your Type R but it counts as a performance upgrade as well. Make sure to check out our Honda Civic 2016 SI parts as well.

The Honda Civic Type R is a very sporty compact sedan that has a 2.0-liter inline-four engine. In stock form, the current model contains a turbocharger that helps the motor to generate more than 300 horsepower and nearly as much torque to the front drive wheels. A six-speed manual transmission enables you to wring every bit of usable power from the engine while shifting.

The Civic Type R is designed for racing with a very aerodynamic and lightweight chassis and body. Yet, many great aftermarket Honda Civic Type R parts can help to lighten it even more so that you can get better power and performance from the Civic Type R.

Aftermarket Intake and Exhaust Boost Type R Power

Some of the best bolt-on performance modifications that you can make with Honda Civic Type R parts are the addition of a cold air intake and a performance exhaust. Some Type Rs are naturally aspirated while others enjoy the benefits of a turbocharger.

Whether or not your Civic Type R has a turbocharger, it will benefit from an aftermarket cold air intake that enables more air and oxygen to get to the combustion chamber. A properly installed cold air intake can significantly increase the available horsepower and provide you with a better throttle response.

What goes in must come out, and an aftermarket exhaust can help to scavenge the exhaust fumes faster so that the air intake can bring in more air much faster than a stock motor. A performance exhaust also will reduce Type R’s weight while improving its performance.

Steering and Suspension Upgrades Improve Performance

The racing-inspired Civic Type R already is good at handling turns and general racetrack driving conditions, but you can make it better with Honda Civic Type R parts that improve the steering and suspension.

Aftermarket coils, springs, and struts can help to reduce pitching and rolling in turns. You also could mount. Stronger and lighter control arms can give you better control of the steering so that you can run faster laps around your favorite track. You even could install an improved steering wheel that helps you to feel the road better and drive faster with greater confidence.

Wheels, Brakes, and Body Parts for Better Handling

You also can mount aftermarket wheels that hold wider tires that grip the road better for improved performance. Honda Civic Type R parts enable you to replace the stock brakes with lighter and more powerful aftermarket units that have lighter rotors and more pistons to give you much better braking power.

A variety of Honda Civic Type R performance parts also make it possible to add front and rear spoilers, front splitters, and lighter and more durable hoods, hatchbacks, and liftbacks that reduce weight, increase body rigidity, and make the body more aerodynamic.

Many great OEM and aftermarket parts will help you to make your Civic Type R even better.