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Honda Aftermarket Performance Parts

Honda Civic SI aftermarket parts may be easy to come by but are you buying from a source you can trust? JDMuscle only offers performance parts and accessories that are tested, true, and trusted. All of the performance parts you’re looking for to make those performance upgrades are available here in one place. The shift knob is what connects the driver to their car right? It puts you in control of how you drive your car and there’s no freedom like a manual transmission. This is why we feel that one of the best Honda Civic SI aftermarket parts you can buy would be a unique shift knob that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. JDMuscle has a wide selection of 2018 Civic SI shift knobs in a variety of colors, designs, and feels. One of our top selling shift knobs is the Suji Series shift knob with the Kanji character embroidered on the side. This knob is top of the line because of its balanced weight, smooth finish, and comfortable ergonomic feel. If you’re going with the racing spirited carbon fiber look then our Tanso carbon fiber shift knob is perfect for you. This knob is a little smaller than the Suji series and does not have any embroidering on it for a smooth feel and finish all around. If you’re looking to go as small as possible for your shift knob, then the Suji Series Black Piston shift knob line is the right fit for you. This design provides the driver with a raw and mechanical feel that allows them to feel a true shifting experience with their car. All shift knobs are easily installed by unscrewing the old shifter knob's locking nut, sliding the new shifter knob in place, and then tightening the new nut once the knob is oriented how you want it!
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