Collection: Mazda RX-8 Aftermarket Parts

Mazda RX-8 Performance Upgrades

JDMuscle knows you want high quality and reliable options when it comes to your Mazda RX8 aftermarket parts. We have a vast array of RX8 parts including RX8 shift knobs. The Suji Series shift knobs come in black, white, and silver. They are embroidered numbers add texture to the palm of your hand while the red embroidered Kanji character adds a true Japanese theme to the interior of your RX8. The Tanso carbon fiber shift knob adds a real race inspired theme to your cockpit and comes in both red and black glossy carbon fiber. For more of a raw and mechanical feel, the Suji Series Black Piston line of shift knobs is the choice for you. The embroidered Kanji character comes in four colors including red, white, light blue, and navy blue. 

RX8 performance parts include aftermarket wheels because a lightweight wheel can drastically improve your car's handling as well as improve weight reduction. JDMuscle has a very wide selection of wheels for your RX8 that range in style, color, and price. If you’re looking for Mazda RX8 aftermarket parts that will truly enhance your vehicle’s handling ability, then consider the Revel Touring sport coilover kit. These coilovers allow for maximum ride comfort even while achieving a very low ride height. They utilize the perfect balance of dampening forces and spring rates so that your car can still perform optimally even after it has been lowered.