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When looking for aftermarket car parts it’s easy to get a little confused. You need to be mindful of your vehicle’s compatibility, street legal status, all the parts required for proper installation, and so many different manufacturers to know about. Fortunately for our customers we carry from Torque Solution, who have proven that it’s possible to be a jack of all trades and master them too.

Best Torque Solution Cylinder 4 Coolant Mods

Products by Torque Solution

torque solutionTorque Solution has an expansive catalogue of high end aftermarket parts. Their billet TGV deletes are a direct fit into you 2015-2020 WRX, while their aluminum top feed TGV deletes go great with your high horsepower Subaru Legacy GT or Subaru Forester XT. Their cylinder 4 coolant mod increases the flow of coolant to the cylinder #4 head area. It keeps the temperatures uniform amongst the cylinders, and the cylinder 4 coolant mod reduces risk of knock and detonation in cylinder 4. Their pitch stop engine mount creates a crisper gear shift.

By preventing the front end of the transmission pitching up, down, forward, and back the pitch stop on your Forester, Legacy GT, 2015-2020 WRX, or 2015-2020 STI will control the twisting of your drivetrain. The tow hook both adds a mounting location and gives your car a more sporty appearance. Able to lock at either a forty-five degree or ninety degree angle, the tow hook’s shaft was made with a threaded positioning set screw that enables you to create the ideal mounting position with your tow hook. They have both a rear lower inner control arm and front lower inner control arm.

Feeling overwhelmed by Torque Solution’s extensive product line? Let us simplify that for you by recommending some other incredible manufacturers. Fortune Auto is a world leader in manufacturing suspension parts, both air suspension and coilover. Whiteline also carries lower control arms whereas HKS has some of the best exhaust parts for your vehicle. If it’s valves, pistons, bearings, or valve springs you need then check out Manley Performance.

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