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Manley Performance Connecting Rods & Rings

If you’re running an internal combustion engine, external combustion engine, or four-stroke engine in your vehicle, you’re familiar with pistons and connecting rods. What they do, how they work, and why they’re so important to your vehicle. Given how important they are, it only makes sense that you invest in pistons and connecting rods of high quality.

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Manley Performance

Manley Performance has been manufacturing reliable, durable, products of exceptional quality since 1966. Manley offers your engine far more than the makers of OEM and stock parts could ever hope to do.  Their connecting rods are lightweight yet able to withstand whatever you throw at them, lasting you for years to come. Their pistons allow you to achieve 2000hp, sometimes more. Some of the fastest cars on the track have earned that recognition because they have high-end aftermarket parts installed. Many can perform as well as they do thanks to the installation of parts made by Manley Performance. 

Aside from a piston or connecting rods, you’ll also find parts like valve springs and retainers proudly bearing the Manley Performance name. Their valve springs are treated for heat resistance and made of clean alloy, making them the most durable on the market. Their retainers are not only heat-treated, they’re made using aerospace-grade titanium. 

Looking for more than pistons and connecting rods? Look no further as we also have products by Cusco in stock. Cusco makes high ed parts and mods for the braking system, the body, the oil system, and the lighting of your car. To only name a few, of course, as Cusco has a very extensive product line sure to meet whatever needs you have that Manley Performance couldn’t.

Don’t Delay, Get Your Aftermarket Mods Today

If you’re still using the stock parts in your engine, know that you’re settling for second best. 

Why settle for second best when you could have the best, and nothing but the best? It’s time to give your car a long-overdue upgrade with Manley aftermarket parts. It’s time to reach out to us at JDMuscle to learn more.

We offer a wide variety of the best aftermarket parts, mods, and accessories for many different makes and models. It’s more likely than not that we have exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch with us via phone or email and we'll help you find what you need.

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