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Shift Knobs Simply & Effective Upgrade Interiors

jdm shift knobs

Shift knobs play a large role in the driver experience. Having the option to change your shift knob to whatever aftermarket shift knob you’d like gives you the freedom to express yourself. This is why JD Muscle offers the widest selection of aftermarket Honda shift knobs. We carry Honda civic SI shift knobs and S2000 shift knobs. All of our aftermarket shift knobs are meant to easily replace the JDM shift knobs so that you can get back to tearing through gears like there’s no tomorrow. Performance shift knobs to replace your stock Mazda RX8 shift knob is an upgrade you won’t regret. With an improved ergonomic feel in the palm of your hand, an aftermarket shift knob will be sure to enhance your driving experience.

JDMuscle has every aftermarket shift knob and performance shift knob you’d hope to find to replace the stick Nissan 350z shift knobs. You can also easily replace your Nissan 370z shift knob with something that will breathe more life into the interior of your vehicle. Some of our most popular shift knobs are the Suji Series shift knobs that come with the numbers embroidered on the top of the knob for a tactile feel while shifting. The Suji Series shift knob whether it’s the standard knob or the piston shaped knob, every Suji Series shift knob comes with the Kanji character embroidered on it to add some authentic Japanese spirit to your car. If you’re the type of driver who enjoys more of a mechanical feel while shifting, then we strongly recommend the Suji Series piston shaped shift knob. This piston shaped or cylindrical shift knob lets you truly feel the shift and helps you with more accurate shifting. Looking to replace your JDM shift knob? We sell more than stick shift knobs. The BRZ automatic shift knob is a perfect replacement for the JDM shift knob.

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