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2015-2020 WRX & STI SSR Wheels For Sale

Wheels are more than just a way to get your car on the road and moving. They can give your car personality, pizzazz, and class. From the size to the stance to the color, a great set of wheels can make your 2015-2020 WRX or 2015-2020 STI the envy of drivers everywhere. And nothing turns heads more than products by SSR Wheels.

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SSR Wheels

ssr wheelsSince 1971 SSR Wheels has focused on manufacturing lightweight, precise, and strong wheels. Without question they are some of the best wheels on the market. This is because they use self supporting runflat technology which goes above and beyond to improve both the driving experience and road safety. Originally manufactured for military use and advertised as ‘semi-bulletproof’, self supporting runflat enables wheels to maintain performance in the event of punctures. Today the tech remains just as impressive, if not more so, as a self supporting runflat will not only prevent the sidewall from being crushed between the road and the rims of the tires, but they also prevent tires from slipping off the rims. As a result, using SSR Wheels reduces weight in your 2015-2020 STI or 2015-2020 WRX by rendering a spare tire obsolete. SSR Wheels are also some of the most highly customizable wheels on the market. They have a wide range for offset, from as small as a 15 mm offset to as big as a 53 mm offset, and a great assortment of colors.

For those who like to go off the beaten path -literally and figuratively- we also carry an extensive line of wheels from ESR. High quality and low pressure casting are the definitive traits of these universal-fit wheels. Either way your Forest, Legacy GT, Nissan GT-R, Honda Civic, Toyota Supra, Nissan 350z, Nissan 370z, Infiniti G37, Infiniti Q60, or Lexus will be thrilled by the upgrade.

Great Selection

Whether you’re in need of a more aggressive fitment for the right stance or you want to give your Forest, Legacy GT, GTR, Civic, Supra, 350z, 370z, G37, Q60, or Lexus a splash of chrome, SSR Wheels is the perfect brand. If you want to give your entire vehicle an upgrade, see the rest of the great selection we have at JDMuscle.

JDMuscle’s Price Match Program guarantees you will always get the best deal for aftermarket car parts and mods. You can get in touch by email, phone, or social media- we’re always available to answer inquiries and address all of our customers’ concerns. Whenever you shop with us you can expect great customer service, great variety of products, and great shipping times. Visit us in store or online today, and let us help you build the car of your dreams.

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