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When it comes to aftermarket manufacturers and vendors, we’re committed to providing our customers with trusted names and high-quality products. You and your Subaru WRX or Subaru STI deserve nothing but the best. Whether it’s the wheels, the cooling, the engine, the exhaust, and everything in between we refuse to settle for second best. Speaking of cooling systems and engines, one of the names to which we’ve given the JDMuscle seal of approval is Killer B Motorsport.  

Killer B Motorsport

You’ll find a wide variety of products from Killer B in our inventory such as their air/oil separators (or AOS), wastegate header, and holy header. The AOS functions with a vacuum source, specifically the turbo inlet. It’s not affected by the turbo size but a larger turbo will draw in more air, helping the AOS function better. Killer B’s AOS also utilizes a unique design that doesn’t inhibit your engine’s performance but rather enhances it. Unlike similar products, the AOS also has a drainage system accompanying oil pick up, depositing it into the oil pan. This allows for oil pick up without taking oil from the engine’s sump, and the oil pick up can remain consistent.

Swain coating gives external parts a genuine thermal barrier. The Killer B Motorsport External Wastegate Header, Killer B Motorsport 4-1 Holy Header 2 Bolt, and the Killer B Motorsport 4-1 Holy Header with External Wastegate (EWG) are but three examples of the many great products we carry from Killer B Motorsport that include Swain coating. The Killer B External Wastegate Header for OEM turbochargers or as a dual external wastegate to amplify your car’s performance. The Killer B Holy Header was created with cutting edge CAD simulations and software, and the 4-1 design helps maintain a consistent velocity as RPM increases. Throw in the added benefits of Swain coating, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to buy these parts from Killer B. 

Are our Killer Motorsport parts not compatible with your vehicle, or not what you were looking for? Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of alternatives and then some from Process West. If you’re more interested in taking your suspension to the next level, consider using air suspension with parts from Air Lift Performance.

Killer B Oil & Swain Coating

The Best in the Business

You should never settle for second best when it comes to outfitting your WRX or STI. Nor should you settle for second best when it comes to where you buy your aftermarket parts and accessories. Shopping with JDMuscle means you can shop with confidence, knowing that everything you’re buying is top tier yet reasonably priced.

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