Carbon Fiber Shift Knobs

Best Color Carbon Fiber Shift Knobs

It’s only natural that you would want your car to be the envy of the streets. It’s every driver’s dream to have a car with both high power and great appearance. Fortunately many parts, mods, and accessories are capable of giving both to your vehicle. And one of the best customized options available for giving your car the upgrade you crave is a color carbon fiber shift knob.

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Carbon Fiber Shift Knobs

carbon fiber shift knobA weighted shift knob alone is impressive. Weighted shift knobs will carry more momentum and kinetic energy than their stock counterpart. This makes it easier to engage the next gear as you shift, creating an overall smoother driving experience. When you throw carbon fiber into the mix you have a product that is durable and ergonomically designed to correspond with the shifting style of your car. Carbon fiber shift knobs also have a sleek appearance courtesy of the honeycomb carbon design, but we understand that the honeycomb carbon look isn’t for everyone. That’s why we offer many color customization options for your weighted shift knob, for both honeycomb carbon fiber and regular colors like red carbon and blue carbon.

Why stop at carbon fiber shift knobs? Carbon fiber, including forged carbon, is an incredibly durable material that can be used in many parts of your car. A carbon fiber side mirror or grille not only strengthens your vehicle, they allow for more customization as well. Unique designs and a variety of colors like blue carbon and red carbon will enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. We carry mirrors with an intricate honeycomb carbon fiber design, as well as mesh-like honeycomb carbon fiber grilles.

For More Customization Options

You can customize nearly every single part of your car, inside and out. We know it’s hard to believe and seeing is believing, so come see it for yourself at JDMuscle. We have a wide variety of parts, mods, and accessories which are able to be customized; many are forged carbon, honeycomb carbon, or color carbon.

Regardless of the material we promise you can take advantage of our Price Match Program. We guarantee you’ll have the best customer service experience imaginable when shopping with us, and the best shipping thanks to our strategically inventoried locations. To learn more about our amazing selection and unbeatable prices, visit us in store or online today. We look forward to helping you build your dream car.

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