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2015+ WRX/STI AVID1 Parts For Sale

Wheels, rims, stance, offset...To the average driver, many of these words may be misunderstood and misused. But a car enthusiast or performance driver such as yourself knows the difference between wheels and rims. You also know the best stance for your 2015-2020 STI, 2015-2020 WRX, Forester, Legacy GT, GTR, Civic, Supra, 350z, 370z, or Lexus. What you might not know is that an avid 1 wheel is one of the best additions you can make to your vehicle.

Best Avid 1 Wheel Car Parts Online

You can expect every Avid 1 wheel to be TPMS friendly, and to either satisfy or succeed current standards for alloy wheel production. Avid1 uses low-pressure cast designs combined with offsets and widths that can only be described as aggressive.

We have many different lines from Avid1 including the av-06 wheels, av-12 wheels, and av-20 wheels. The av-06 wheels can give you an offset ranging from +22 to +42, depending on the size and bolt pattern. You can expect the av-12 wheels to provide you with an offset of at least +25. The offset of the av-20 wheels also varies by size and bolt pattern, with the offset ranging from +22 to +38.

Aside from quality manufacturing and durable products, Avid1 is known for being the ultimate choice in customization. They have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. All it takes is one look at the av-06 wheels, av-12 wheels, and av-20 wheels to know that wheels by Avid1 are all that’s missing from your otherwise optimized vehicle.

Are You Avid for More?

When it comes to the care and keeping of your 2015-2020 STI, 2015-2020 WRX, Forester, Legacy GT, GTR, Civic, Supra, 350z, 370z, or Lexus, you should never settle for second best.  When it comes to wheels and offset you don’t want subpar performance parts. You want a dealer that carries many trusted industry names, Avid1 being only one of many. You want to shop at JDMuscle.

At JDMuscle we prioritize customer satisfaction above all. We are your one-stop shop, with a huge array of products to meet your every need. Our talented team is here to help you out every step of the way to make sure you find parts that are compatible with your vehicle, in your budget and give you the performance or appearance you desire in your vehicle.

Visit us online or in store to learn more about Avid1 and all the other great names we carry.

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