will aftermarket parts void my warranty?The short answer is no, installing aftermarket parts into your car won’t affect the warranty at all.  In fact it’s illegal in the United States for companies to void a warranty or deny you coverage for having aftermarket parts.  In 1975 Congress passed the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, which is a federal law that covers warranties on ‘consumer goods’.  This label extends to automobiles.

• The long answer is that there are instances in which the warranty can be voided in relation to aftermarket parts.  This exception to the law might be of concern to drivers with aftermarket parts. 

• Dealers can’t include what are called ‘tie-in’ sales in the warranty.  That is to say, they can't state that the car must use parts from a specific brand, which they mention by name, for the warranty to be valid. 

  • For example - It’s acceptable if your coilovers are from BC Racing, your back exhaust is by Carven Exhaust, and your hood damper is made by Seibon.

• All that is required is that the parts are compatible and fully functional when used together.  The keyword here is ‘functional’.

• In other words, the only time where dealers and manufacturers can require the parts to be of one explicitly named brand is if they must be used with parts of the same brand for them to be fully functional. 

  • For example - this would be required if your calipers were only compatible and fully functional, due to size and mounting position, with rotors of the same brand. 

• Another exception would be if the aftermarket part was installed incorrectly or is in some way defective, and this results in another part that is covered by the warranty to be damaged.  You can be denied coverage for it and be charged for the repairs by the dealer or manufacturer.

• However the dealer or manufacturer is required to prove the aftermarket was the cause of the damage or that it was defective before they deny the warranty.  For example, you remove the coil springs and replace it with an air suspension kit for air lift performance.  But the kit has damaged products or causes damage to other parts, and so the warranty will not cover it.

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