With a limited budget and so many different aftermarket parts to navigate through, selecting the perfect upgrades for improved handling can be a challenge. With everything from tires and suspension, to steering and sway bars to consider, you may be feeling a bit over your head. In this quick breakdown of popular performance car parts, we’ll get you started in the right direction. With some simple upgrades, taking your handling performance to the next level is just a few modifications away. 

Suspension for Improved Handling From the Ground Up

Cushioned factory springs and shocks might be ideal for a Sunday afternoon cruise. But, when race performance and tight handling are the priority, a suspension kit with a tighter coil system is the cost-effective solution you need for enhanced handling performance. With an aftermarket suspension kit, you’ll experience a lower center of gravity, reduced “bounce” for increased forward momentum, and greatly improved traction and handling that mimics race car design. 

Are Your Wheels Limiting Performance?

When it comes to performance handling upgrades, selecting wider wheels is one of the easiest ways to modify car handling. While you may not be in the market for grippy race tires, selecting a wider set of wheels increases overall surface area, leading to improved surface traction, cornering, and more consistent acceleration and braking.

Upgrade Interior Components

Another cost-effective solution for improved handling from within is with steering wheel and shifter knob upgrades. While most drivers focus solely on the engine, suspension, and exterior upgrades, the simple addition of a contoured steering wheel or comfortable shifting knob can be the difference between you winning the next race or stalling out at the starting line.

Look Cool While Improving Handling

Modern body kits and external upgrades offer more than refreshed aesthetic appeal. Using lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum, advanced aerodynamic computational testing, and other innovative engineering designs, body kits, and wings reduce drag, increase downward forces, and ultimately, improve handling by capitalizing on the car's natural momentum. 

Get in Touch With JDMuscle for Expert Advice

If you still haven't decided on the perfect upgrade to bring out the best in your car’s handling, the aftermarket pros at JDMuscle have years of experience in the industry and are happy to help you find the perfect parts. 

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