Updating Your Honda: Make It Stand Out With Honda Performance Parts

Thanks to the popularity and reliability of Honda’s base platforms, Honda’s aftermarket parts scene continues to evolve. Custom Honda builders have access to some of the best upgrades in the world of customization, but with that endless list of manufacturers jumping into the scene, it can be tough to find the quality companies and parts that stand out. That’s where we come in. 

At JDMuscle, we only source Honda parts that begin with excellence in engineering and end with tighter fits, stronger components, and cleaner looks. Your reliable Honda deserves nothing less than the best, and with any of our featured upgrades, every part undergoes our experienced analysis before making it into our store. With a focus on ease of installation, exceptional base materials, and designs that are both cost-effective and guaranteed to boost performance, here are a few of our favorite Honda parts to look out for. 

Exterior Finesse; Lightweight Performance & Enhanced Aerodynamics

Exceptionally lightweight and weather-resistant carbon fiber components can be found throughout our Honda performance parts catalog. We can help you shed unwanted pounds for optimized weight distribution with rust-resistant hoods and trunks. Add an aggressive-looking spoiler to nearly any make and model for a boost in downward force and acceleration. Throw in a set of aerodynamic mirrors, grab some matte black or gold tires, and your fresh carbon fiber style is destined to stand out on the starting line. 

Optimized Interiors Improve Handling & Aesthetics

After you’ve fine-tuned the exterior, consider a cool new interior style or race-inspired setup for faster shifting, ergonomic grip, and a more personalized ride. In our Honda Civic Type R parts section, you’ll find versatile and multi-purpose interior components like: 

  • New Boost Gauges & Speedometer Styles
  • Durable & Multi-Colored Shift Knobs & Lug Nuts
  • Dash Cams, Rear Cams, & Sturdy Mounts
  • Everything You Need to Keep Your Interiors Clean & Polished

    Endless Engine & Performance Upgrades

    If you’d rather put invest in the engine compartment, we’ve got you covered from the optimized air intake to the blinged-out muffler tips. Featuring CNC machining and precision fits, many of our parts include straight-out-of-the-box installation simplicity, and are backed by the leading warranties in the aftermarkets industry. For an engine that breathes better than ever, Mishimoto Performance Air is worth a second look. 

    On the tail end, our fully-equipped muffler kits are an easy way to reduce engine fatigue and wasteful crossflow with piping diameters and sturdy designs that bring out the best in your engine’s performance. With proper tuning, the right muffler can add as much as 500 HP to your ride, while simultaneously protecting your interior components from damage that can occur with a poorly designed exhaust system. 

    Learn From Our Pros at JDMuscle

    As seasoned car enthusiasts, there’s no Honda upgrade beyond our expertise. Let us know what we can do to help, and we’ll do whatever we can to bring out the best in your style and performance for less.