Trending Subaru Items

With strong roots in the rally racing scene, Subaru is known throughout the world for its reliability and custom performance adaptability. With built-in benefits like a lower center of gravity and all-wheel drive standard on many of their popular models, you’d be smart to consider custom upgrades on any of these solid base platforms. 

Whether you’re new to the custom car scene, or you’re an aftermarket aficionado who’s looking for the next best modification, here are some of our most popular Subaru upgrades to consider if you’re looking to boost your performance and style for less. 

Boost Your Engine’s Potential With Better Breathability

Searching for a sturdier exhaust manifold or a rugged quad exhaust that looks as powerful as it performs? Check out our 2020 Subaru WRX exhaust collection to find some inspiration. Unlike OEM exhaust systems that struggle to maintain optimal exhaust flow at full throttle, our featured exhaust systems are proven to boost your engine’s potential, produce appealing and aggressive exhaust notes, and simply look awesome. 

In addition to the countless advantages associated with optimal engine breathability, many of our leading aftermarket producers offer incredible warranties, ensure a guaranteed fit with CNC-machined precision, and offer out-of-the-box installations that any dedicated DIY Subaru enthusiast can manage. 

Define a Subaru Style That’s Entirely Your Own

Thanks to the incredibly accommodating base platforms, Subarus are among the easiest vehicles to dress up visually. We’re looking out for enthusiasts’ unforgettable aesthetics and lightweight aerodynamics with our generous collection of Subaru WRX carbon fiber trunks, hoods, mirrors, and spoilers that allow for endlessly creative exterior designs. 

Unlike standard OEM panels, hoods, and trunks that fade and rust over time, all of our carbon fiber composites and finished coatings are designed with high-heat durability in mind. Not only is carbon fiber one of the most structurally sound materials in the industry, but carbon fiber is naturally lighter and preferred by racing teams for good reason. With a lighter trunk, additional forward distribution equals reliable front-end traction for reduced lift and superior acceleration. With a carbon fiber spoiler, a significant downward force is produced for reliable handling and faster starts. If you want it all, check out our complete Subaru body kits to achieve seamless aerodynamics and an unforgettable look that’s guaranteed to impress. 

Find Bonus Components at JDMuscle

Aside from the most popular Subaru upgrades on the market, we’re always on the hunt for those exceptional parts and pieces that add that extra element of personalization. If you’re hoping to accentuate your leather interiors or gauge panels, we have a ton of options like matching shifter knobs and steering wheels to highlight your interior preferences. 

If you’ve already decked out the exterior with a carbon fiber trunk and spoiler, why not add some matching wheels and rear-view mirrors into the mix? Whatever innovative performance and aesthetic upgrades you’re after, we’re always glad to help you compare our best parts until you find exactly what you need to outperform the competition.