Top 5 Brake Systems for Sports Cars

While shopping for the best brake systems, key features like vehicle compatibility, ease of installation, and model-specific benefits like improved endurance, rust-preventative coatings, and optimized slotting for cool brake performance are important to keep in mind as you plan your next upgrade. With these key features in mind, here are 5 of the top brake systems to consider if reliable stopping power, enhanced durability, and a budget-friendly brake system belong on your ride. 

1. Brake Kits Boost Stopping Power

Among our most recognized braking systems available, Brembo’s all-inclusive brake kits promise noticeable improvements in braking efficiency and consistency. From Subaru WRXs and STIs to Dodge Challengers and Magnums, Brembo’s braking systems improve performance with built-in benefits like: 

  • Large slotted rotors and high-performance multi-piston calipers improve brake performance, accelerate heat dissipation, and tighten the pedal response
  • All-in-one brake kits include everything you need to install the upgrade without modifications required (on most vehicle makes)
  • Premium coatings resist rust, corrosion, and premature wear

    2. Rotor Cooling Kits Are Key

    If you frequently put your rotors to the test running red hot laps around the track, give your system a break with the power of forced air. In our selection of BRZ aftermarket parts, you’ll find an affordable collection of advanced cooling duct systems. As your vehicle velocity increases, these innovative systems pull in an increasing supply of fresh air, rapidly cooling your rotors while simultaneously protecting other critical engine components with improved heat dissipation. These systems can be installed on nearly any vehicle model without the need to swap out the existing brake setup.

    3. Endure Endurance Racing With Better Brake Pads

    One of the easiest ways to prevent costly damage to your underlying brake system is as simple as keeping up with your pads. Before excessive wear-and-tear limits the safety and responsiveness of your next high-speed stop, check out our Toyota supra performance upgrades to compare the top brakes pads in the industry. 

    Designed for high-performance endurance, our brake pad composites boast twice the lifespan of traditional pads. Along with the enhanced durability of these affordable additions, our favorite brake pads improve brake “bite”, are rotor friendly, and are among the easiest upgrades to install. 

    4. Stop on a Dime With Reliable Brake Lines

    The best rotors, calipers, and pads are worthless without the right brake lines powering your system. If your braking feels “spongy” or is less responsive than you’d like, a brake line swap is often the solution. Our brake lines feature ultra-durable hosing surrounded by stainless steel housings, car-specific fittings for a tighter seal, and overcome the gradual loss in braking power commonly associated with OEM brake lines.

    5. Improve Consistency With Brake Bleeding Kits

    When the air becomes trapped in the lines, you may need to bleed your brakes to get your brakes back on track. We offer simple-to-use brake maintenance kits and have all of the premium brake fluid you need to keep your speed in check from the first to the final lap