The Shocking Truth: Everything You Need to Know About BC Racing Coilovers

What’s not to love about easily adjustable ride height, customizable suspension, and an incredibly accessible price point? BC Racing coilovers are the complete package; these rugged coilovers are appropriate for smoother street cruising, tighter track performance, and can easily manage every road condition in between. Thanks to the user-friendly versatility of 30 shock-dampening levels and flexible height adjustments of 1-3 inches, you can’t go wrong with any of the newest coilover systems at JDMuscle. 

What Are Coilovers? 

Coilovers are suspension components that prevent your vehicle from “bottoming out”. Coilovers consist of a coil (the spring) wrapped around a shock absorber. Every time you hit a bump, the coil and shock absorber compresses to minimize the force of impact. After returning to a level surface, the coil and shock absorber return to their original position and are ready for another hit. 

The lower your vehicle height and tighter the dampener adjustment, the less shock absorption you’ll feel; the higher your vehicle height and looser the dampener adjustment, the more shock absorption you’ll experience. In other words, when the coil has more room to compress and there is less tension in the system, more energy is absorbed by the coilover system before you feel it. 

A coilover system replaces the entire stock suspension system. Although they operate very similarly, only a coilover system allows for simplified tension and height adjustments. If you’re like most car owners that can’t afford a daily driver and a track car, coilovers are the easiest way to achieve an affordable street-to-track transition.

Coilover Street Perks

At the softest shock setting and highest ride heights, you can expect BC coilovers to provide road forgiveness that surpasses stock cushioning. Adjust the coil settings a few notches tighter or lower the vehicle, and you’ll immediately notice tighter handling, reduced body roll, and a slight reduction in shock comfort. The ease of adaptability is what sets BC’s coilover lineup apart; simply adjust the knobs and experience the exact feel and performance benefits you prefer. 

Coilover Track Perks

When improved handling and reduced sway are what you’re after, crank the BC coilovers to maximum tightness and drop your body as low as it can go. By lowering your vehicle’s center of gravity and tightening the coils, you’ll immediately experience improved wheel response, better cornering, and reduced aerodynamic resistance for optimal track performance. Again, we have to mention the incredible adaptability here; these built-to-last coilovers are one of the best performance parts to consider if you’re working with a lean budget and need a better way to transition from the street to the track. 

Find the Best Coilovers at JDMuscle

Depending on the specs you’re hoping to highlight, all of our fine-tuned coilovers come with everything you need to complete the installation. We’ll help you find the best coilover for your vehicle, including a solid 1-year warranty, and are always glad to help if you have any questions about another upgrade.