Product Highlight: 2015 STI Carbon Trunk

It took an ingenious manufacturing group nearly 15 years to create one of the finest Seibon Carbon parts. This team had almost 20 years of experience with carbon fiber when they created the 2015 STI Carbon Trunk.

A Meticulous Process 

The process of producing the 2015 STI Carbon Trunk was a combined ratio of carbon/resin and an intricately formed weave design. All of this process has produced a final product with superior quality and durability. Following the production of the 2015 STI Carbon Trunk, we apply a clear coat, for a glossy finish that is beautiful and will not flake or chip. Each Seibon Caron part we make goes through rigorous inspections to ensure your satisfaction when you purchase it.

Products Made To Perform

It is a specialty we take pride in. Making products are made to perform without any sacrifice of our original design. The products Seibon creates will demonstrate just how durable they are, even after racing several times. The parts made by Seibon Carbon have that same drive for winning that each driver possesses. Which inevitably creates a winning product that is the preference of both amateur and professional drivers. 

C-Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid For 2015-2021 Subrau WRX/STI 

The 2015-2021 C-Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid is constructed at the time you order it in approximately 2-3 months.

This might feel like an eternity to the racer who wants to get out and show off their racing skills, yet you are going to love its new finish which is a 2x2 twill/HoneyComb/Forge. 

This trunk lid will fit the Subaru WRX/STI model years 2015 thru 2021; however, it is recommended you have it installed professionally for best results. If you prefer a special weave or finish, you can ask for it at the time of ordering.

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You can depend on all our aftermarket parts because they are reliable. For a brand of products, you can trust, look no further than JDMuscle, for all the behavior and beauty you crave. We have over 300 varieties and 350,000 SKUs to pick from stored in a warehouse filled with all the choice brands of car accessories.

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