Overcome stock WRX inefficiencies with the durable, free-flowing, and ultra-optimized Grimmspeed exhaust header! After years of exhaust testing, tweaking, and refinement, this high-performance exhaust system delivers significant performance boosts backed by a precision design that’s built to last. If you’re looking for the best Subaru performance parts to take your 2015+ WRX to the next level, the proven performance and quality craftsmanship found in this Grimmspeed upgrade should be at the top of your list. 

Expertly Engineered Flow Enhancement

The little details make a big difference when it comes to enhancing the airflow of an engine to maximize available performance. The standard components found in the stock exhaust system of the WRX were created for manufacturing simplicity, not performance power. We identified a variety of the limitations found in the stock exhaust system and designed our free-flowing system with optimized simplicity in mind.

We incorporated wider and lengthier piping for uninhibited flow to the turbine wheel, non-bottlenecking merge collectors to reduce opposing flow disturbances, and welded the flange both inside and out for a rounded lip that opens up the flow from the flange to the runner. In other words, our system unleashes the WRX’s true potential by allowing your engine to breathe more effectively. 

Greater Durability Built Into the Design

Every bend and component from Grimmspeed is designed to reduce any potential airflow disturbances. Along with the verified flow enhancement, our performance-boosting exhaust system is constructed from solid 304 stainless steel throughout, reduces interior welds that potentially impact airflow performance (we use CNC flange headers instead of multiple welded components), and our system involves thicker steel tubing and headers resulting in longer component life and added durability. 

Greater Durability Built Into the Design

Simple Installation with Everything Included

Our bolt-on system is easier to mount and is safe to run without the need for a tune-up after installation. Our system clears the factory skid plate without the need for spacers and is welded, quality controlled, and expertly inspected right here in the United States.

With any of the precision aftermarket components, you’ll find at JDMuscle, you can always reach out to our helpful team for more product information, installation details, and related upgrades like our WRX carbon fiber components designed to maximize engine performance, overall aesthetic, and more. If you’re ready to reduce drag, optimize horsepower, and transform stock designs into customized precision you can count on, our aftermarket performance experts are here to help.