Personalizing Your Vehicle: Car Wings That Stand Out

If you are in love with your vehicle and want to protect it from environmental damage, you need to invest in a stabilizer. A stabilizer is perfect for your vehicle if you want to protect your vehicle from vibrations and instability.

Most parts of a vehicle are already attached, like the bumper and the grille. However, a stabilizer is attachable and can be installed by you or someone you know. It also makes your car look even better and perform faster.

What Is A Stabilizer?

A stabilizer is a wing stabilizer that reduces flexibility and vibrations in the wing of the vehicle. It also adds detail to your vehicle. The stabilizer attaches under the wing and secures the wing in place, using the appropriate 3M VHB tape. Because the tape is used to stabilize the wings, the process is reversible.

Is A Stabilizer Right For My Vehicle?

Whether or not a stabilizer is right for your vehicle, depends on what you want. They stabilize certain aspects of your vehicle and uniqueness, style, and finesse to your car that no one else can replicate. Depending on the look and performance you have in mind, choose either the Perrin Wing Stabilizer or the Carbon Fiber STI Wing.

Perrin Wing Stabilizer

The taping of the wing designs the airfoil shape of the stabilizer, which significantly reduces the dragging and the added noise it causes. The Perrin Wing Stabilizer is a black plastic molded accessory, and its texture is that of the original equipment manufacturer's OEM design.

The Perrin wing stabilizers STI 2015 to 2021 are sold in singles, so you can order two and get a pair. An even look in the rear gives your vehicle a profound look. You can install the wings as they are. If you do not like the black color, you can paint your wings any color you choose,

Carbon Fiber STI Wing

The Carbon Fiber STI Wing is attachable by a direct bolt to the trunk. To install the Fiber Carbon Wing, you need to cut a small section of your trunk away and gain access to the bolts underneath the trunk.

You can order either Type A or Type B base. Type A is a wraparound and Type B is flat. Both of the bases of the wings are 1430mm and 1600mm perspective, and the height of the leg is 30-inches. The 2015 WRX Carbon Fiber wing is one if not the highest quality wing on the market.

The carbon wing is stronger and more aggressive than its competitor.  It is the perfect wing for a classy Subaru. Its strong plastic body is lightweight but effective. The wing will produce a significant force of downward gravity. This is great news because the wing will keep your Subaru grounded on the road, and reduce the weight of your backend. Contact JDMuscle to find out more about the best car wings for you.