Our Warranties on Aftermarket Parts

Expertly designed and car enthusiast approved, all of our high-end aftermarket parts are built to last and proven to outperform the competition. JDMuscle is founded on quality aftermarket excellence, and with any of our exceptional brands, we stand behind our durable and cutting-edge upgrades with a stress-free 30-day manufacturer's warranty and all-inclusive return policy. From an accidental part purchase to an improperly aligned fitting, our helpful team provides no-hassle resolutions and will do whatever it takes to get you back on the road with optimized performance and upgraded aesthetics the goal. 

Built to withstand the rigorous demands of turbocharged engines, accommodate a greater variety of customizations, and proven to dial in that precision handling, all of our best parts are sourced from the leading aftermarket manufacturers. From a foundation of better materials, extensive on-the-road testing, and backed by our uncompromising commitment to integrity, our warranty policy provides reassurance with every purchase. In addition to our flexible warranties and simplified return process, our expert advice is at your disposal if you ever have any questions about installation, part specifications, or want to learn more about the detailed performance potential. 

The Best Parts From Globally-Recognized Manufacturers

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship, we only feature parts from trusted manufacturers that have earned their place at the top. Our manufacturers prioritize strict quality control measures, and many of our finest aftermarket parts feature professional design elements like CNC crafting for tighter fits, OEM quality final touches, and have been personally tested by our expert team to guarantee that only the best of the best make it into our parts store. 

With the top parts in the business, providing a flexible warranty and guaranteed return policy is an integral aspect of our client-first business model. We know how expensive it is to upgrade your car, and strive to establish long-term trust by never settling for an upgrade that doesn’t fit perfectly, perform as intended, or install with ease. 

Access Experienced Car Customization Advice at JD Muscle

In the ever-evolving world of car customization, you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest upgrades at JDMuscle. From boosted Nissans with our growing collection of 370z aftermarket parts to the freshest selection of Subaru body kits and performance enhancements, we’ll help you narrow down and compare the precise performance and appearance upgrades you’re looking for. 

As always, after we connect you with the perfect muffler systems, fuel injectors, and aerodynamic upgrades, every purchase is backed by our no-stress warranty and product guarantees. You never have to deal with the manufacturer of the parts, and we’ll handle everything from the streamlined return to the fast and affordable replacement. Whether you need to replace a part, want to learn more about a specific upgrade, or simply want to save on your next car update, our team at JDMuscle has the newest upgrades, the best service, and never settles for a part that doesn't perform better than expected.