At JDMuscle, we carry some of the best car parts available on the market. We’re proud to present aftermarket wheels at cost-effective prices — there are very few places online where you’ll find rates as competitive as ours. Shopping with us will help you get to know aftermarket performance parts while providing you with real expertise and passion through all our services.

Our team consists of veterans who know precisely what you need when it comes to car modifications, so we’re more than happy to talk to fellow gearheads. We make sure that you get only the best quality Japanese parts every time you buy from us. Here are our Top 5 Aftermarket Wheels, all from trusted and well-known brands that you can get your hands on today: 

1. Advan GT 18x10 +22 5x114.3 Machining & Racing Metal Black Wheel - Universal

2. Option Lab R716 Formula Bronze Wheel 18x9.5 +35 5x114.3

3. ESR Wheels SR13

4. AVID1 Wheels AV06 Hyper Black

5.Enkei RPF1 18x9.5 +15mm 5x114.3 73 - Black Paint (3798956515BK)

As the second forged wheel made under the ADVAN racing brand, ADVAN Racing GT offers lightweight characteristics and superior strength to perform even in the harshest race conditions. Boasting an aggressive yet simple five-spoke design from the TCIII along with the multiple wheels depth usually found in the RZ-DF, this new flagship displays a perfect combination of both configurations. The ADVAN GT can be purchased in three depths: the standard 39mm, the medium 51.5mm, and the extra 67.5mm. 

While it can be hard to decide where to purchase aftermarket car parts, we can assure you that it can be a smooth experience with us. Whether you want to show off your car, race it on the tracks, or use it daily, we’ll care for your vehicle as much as you do. And if you need professional advice for performance or aesthetic parts, we’ll have the part you want for the price you want.

When it comes to high-performance aftermarket parts, you can bet that we’ve got it here at JDMuscle. With more than 350,000 SKUs and 300 brands in our collection, you’re sure to find all your favorite car parts. So whether you need SSR wheels or ESR wheels, head over to our website and see why we’ve earned such a reputation for having the highest quality products.