best aftermarket subaru parts

At JDMuscle, we are dedicated to helping you add a touch of your personality to your car. We provide a wide assortment of custom parts for different models of vehicles. These include exterior components such as grilles, mirrors, and rear wings, to beef up your car's look. We also offer other interior parts, including steering wheels and seats. Other performance parts to enhance the abilities of your automobile on the road are also available, and all are at an affordable price. We offer Subaru aftermarket parts that will make your Subaru stand out from the rest.

  1. Cut-off Top Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

The cut-off top steering wheel is first of a kind for the WRX series. Upscale supercars and F1 racing cars inspire the futuristic design. The bottom of the wheel is flattened to provide more legroom under the wheel. The steering wheel is available in a variety of styles and shapes including the 2-piece, cut-off top, flat bottom, and flat top. The carbon fiber steering wheel comes with high-end material finishes and compliments the sporty interiors of your WRX very well.

  1. Tanso Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders

These are vacuum-bagged fenders that are cured in extremely high temperatures to ensure durability and remarkable high strength-to-weight ratios. The fenders are painted with UV-stable bright coat paint, ensuring that the fenders remain intact for the longest time possible.

  1. Valvetronic Cat Back Exhaust

If you are looking for that perfect balance between a quiet everyday car and a loud beast on the track, then this is undoubtedly for you. The Cat Back exhaust system can put out an impressively loud 119 dB with the valve open and 93db with the valve closed. The 304 stainless steel and Titanium exhaust system can be modified across a variety of options to fit your personality.

Just as a bonus: The Suji Series Shift-knob silver sphere

The kanji character inspired shift-knob gives the right balance between size, weight, and grip for swift shifting and better driving experience. Its elegant and stylish design truly fits well into the car's interior.