Renowned for its rally-inspired appeal and responsive 4-wheel drive system, the EVO X has stood the test of time as a fan favorite among collectors, builders, and racetrack enthusiasts. With punchy performance backed by industry-defining aftermarket parts, transforming this beast of a machine into customized perfection has never been easier. 

At JDMuscle, we’ve taken every detail of the EVO X enhancement into consideration. Featuring only the highest-quality parts backed by excellence in engineering, our selection of versatile upgrades leads to superior performance and renewed aesthetic appeal. If you’re hoping to take your EVO X to the next level, check out a few of our favorite quality parts below.

Neck-Breaking Wheel Upgrades

Nothing will get the heads turning as you rev past like a new set of SSR GTX01 wheels. If a style upgrade is what you’re after, our fan-favorite offset black wheels are a simple way to elevate the look of your EVO X for lasting curb appeal. Paired with a gripping set of racing tires, your rally-inspired EVO X will be ready for the track in no time with these stylish wheel upgrades. 

Air Lifted Perfection for Improved Suspension Control

Our Air Lift Performance 3H system is an amazing enhancement to improve the standard suspension found on factory EVO X models. Using a proprietary airlifting system, this versatile upgrade features the best in user-friendly simplicity combined with advanced ride-height sensing technology. After three years of development, this brilliant EVO X upgrade is revolutionizing the way Mitsubishi drivers hit the road. If you’ve been looking for improved ride flexibility, smoother suspension, and an overall boost in performance, this air suspension system belongs in your cart. 

Prepare for Liftoff With a Carbon Fiber Wing

For the best in style and performance, the addition of our APR GTC-200 Carbon Fiber Wing is one of our most versatile upgrades to consider. Constructed out of highly durable carbon fiber composite, this downward-force enhancing airfoil is ideal for enhanced grip, improved acceleration, and simply makes your ride look cool. Designed using the latest in aerodynamic computational modeling, this carbon fiber wing combines the best in engineered performance with cost-effective simplicity for one mean-looking EVO X upgrade. 

The Best Collection of EVO X Aftermarket Parts Online

Dedicated to quality part sourcing and design, every part you’ll find at JDMuscle is built to last. Along with the best selection of EVO X aftermarket parts you’ll find anywhere online, our car enthusiasts are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today for upgraded style, performance, and savings on our entire selection of quality aftermarket parts.