Though this particular model of Mazda is no longer being manufactured and marketed, it’s still a beloved vehicle amongst drivers, collectors, and car enthusiasts. What began as an energetic sports car eventually became the most successful rotary-powered in automotive history. This legacy is especially impressive when its short life is taken into consideration, as it was only on the market for twenty-four years. It only stands to reason then that any installed aftermarket performance parts should be equally impressive. These are, in no particular order, our top three picks for Mazda RX7 aftermarket parts.

1. Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Lip

A front lip is a multi-purpose performance part that not only contributes to how your vehicle performs but also how it looks. It reduces airflow on the vehicle, and the air pressure under the vehicle, decreasing the drag. This helps maintain the downforce of the vehicle at high speeds by keeping a low edge close to the pavement. It can also help decrease downflow while you’re on the first. The other benefit of the Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Lip is that it protects the bumper itself from damage. Unattractive scratches and scrapes from curbs and speed bumps are no longer a concern. Lastly, it gives the vehicle a lowered look. Seibon specializes in high-quality body parts, using high-quality carbon fiber that’s light yet durable.

2. Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust

Invidia is a popular aftermarket manufacturer that is well-known for its high exhaust systems. A cat-back system will have an effect on both fuel economy as well as the performance of the engine. They also produce a note that’s much more noticeable than the stock muffler, which some drivers find very appealing. Getting Mazda RX7 aftermarket parts through Invidia guarantees your vehicle will have a more efficient exhaust system. 

3. Extreme Turbo Systems Front Mount Intercooler

Intercoolers are a must-have for anyone operating a vehicle with a turbocharger or supercharger. Proximity to the very hot turbo can warm up the cool air needed to burn more fuel, which reduces the power output as a result. Intercoolers give the oxygen a chance to cool down, and the most effective designs can give from 5% to 10% more power. Extreme Turbo Systems creates high-end aftermarket performance parts, many of which are universal, for many other vehicles in addition to the Mazda RX7.