There is a plethora of manufacturers and vendors of aftermarket parts. Deciding which is ‘best’ has less to do with the parts themselves, and more to do with the vehicles with which they’re compatible. But it can still be hard to narrow it down, so we’ve decided to do that for you and your Honda Civic SI. 

Invidia Gemini Triple Titanium Tip Cat-back Exhaust

Invidia is one of the most reliable and trusted names when it comes to aftermarket parts and modifications, specifically the car’s exhaust system. Invidia’s popularity is on a global scale with drivers everywhere counting on it to improve their performance and give their cars an extra boost. That makes it hard to choose, but if we had to narrow it down our pick would be the Invidia Gemini Triple Titanium Tip Cat-back Exhaust for the 2017+ Honda Civic SI Coupe. One of their newer performance-oriented parts, this piece is designed to produce an aggressive exhaust note while giving you the added horsepower you would expect from Invidia.  

StopTech SportStop Drilled Rotors

What sets StopTech’s rotors apart from others is that they’re ideal for both street driving and the track, as well as commercial rigs and heavy towing. That versatility lends itself to an already high-performance product.  When it comes to the different types of rotors -blank, drilled, slotted, and drilled and slotted- each has its advantages and disadvantages. Drilled rotors have the benefit of working well in rainy weather but can’t handle the track. Slotted rotors create a more consistent stop but generally have a shorter lifespan. Drilled and slotted and have the benefits and disadvantages of both, namely that they’re not suitable for the track. That’s why we chose the StopTech SportStop Slotted Rotors, as they’re the best choice for someone interested in performance racing. They also work well with heavy trucks and off-road vehicles. The potential of a shorter lifespan is worth the versatility and performance.

ESR Wheels

ESR Wheels is one of the best examples of form and function coming together. They come in a variety of colors, which enhances your Honda Civic SI’s appearance as much as it performs.  The wheels also have a one-year warranty on paint, a six-year warranty on rivets, and a lifetime warranty on structure. ESR Wheels are also universal, so the best one comes down to a matter of the size you need and your color preference. We’re partial to the design of the SR02 in a sleek, sporty Gloss Black.  

But There’s So Much More

Not all cars are alike, so naturally, not all parts are alike. Still, there are some which perform better than others. That’s not to say some aftermarket parts are bad, but the newer products haven’t had the same time and resources devoted to research and development that older products have. And it won’t be long before they catch up.

Contact us to learn more about which aftermarket parts are the best pick for your car and where you plan to use it.