Our Best Interior Trim & Accessories

Let’s be honest, sometimes a cool new look is a bigger priority than a boost in performance. Or, maybe you've already pushed your engine to the limits and are looking to finalize the design with the perfect finishing touches. Wherever you are on your car customization journey, we’ve got you covered with a limitless selection of premium accessories that simplify every detail of the design process and protect your budget with affordable and built-to-last components.

If you never settle when it comes to your vehicle’s fine-tuned finish, here are some of the top trim and accessory options to consider for your next worthwhile upgrade. 

Emphasize Your Style From the Inside Out

Accentuating the best of any interior style starts with respect for your vehicle’s underlying theme. If you prefer tranquil blue, aggressive red, or want to keep it sleek and modern with polished or matte black throughout, you’ll find an incredible selection of imaginative interior accessories at JDMuscle. 

While our grippy shifters, ergonomic steering wheels, and cutting-edge dash panels dramatically boost any interior style, many of these custom interior upgrades will simultaneously improve your ride’s comfort, handling, and reduce shifting times. With other benefits like affordability, ease of installation, and exceptional materials like carbon fiber, leather, and texturized rubber, you’re only a few ergonomic elements away from an entirely revitalized interior. 

Some of our best-selling performance car parts that adapt to any interior theme and driving preference include: 

  • Classic & Race-Inspired Steering Wheels 
  • Smooth, Grippy, & Colored Shift Knobs & Shafts
  • Stylish Front Dash Kits With Multiple Design Options
  • Complete Dash Top & Gauge Panel Replacements
  • The Best Collection of Speedometers & Tachometers in the World of Aftermarket Parts

Take Your Exterior to the Next Level

Along with our regularly updated lineup of interior components, we have a wealth of custom exterior trim options to suit every creative car enthusiast out there. Even a subtle exterior trim update can completely transform the overall aesthetic and ride feel, and we have thousands of quality parts to create an exclusive style that’s custom-tailored to you. 

As well as honing in on your targeted appearance, many of our lightweight and durable components improve your vehicle’s resilience and performance characteristics with: 

  • Carbon Fiber Components Resist Sun Damage, Corrosion, & Rust
  • Complete Body Kits Provide Significant Cost Savings Over Part-by-Part Upgrades
  • Customized Tires, Matching Mirrors, & Easy-to-Mount Grilles Result in a One-of-a-Kind Look
  • Lighter & More Aerodynamic Exteriors Reduce Drag, Improve Handling, & Promote Optimal Tire Traction

Find Your Custom Style With Expert Guidance at JDMuscle

With thousands of parts to explore, we know how tough it can be to make the most of a strict customization budget. We’re car customization specialists, are our experts can quickly help you narrow down the upgrades and components that make the most sense for your specific needs. After we help you find your next best upgrade, we go the extra mile with ongoing support, industry-leading warranties, and a flexible return policy if there is ever a problem with any part.