Manufacturer and Product Highlights: Option Lab Wheels

Any stylish spoke design or flashy wheel finish will make your exterior stand out, but there’s a huge difference when it comes to the quality, engineering, and materials used to create your wheels. A well-designed wheel will remain in one piece after most impacts, retain its finish for longer, and can adapt to a range of tires with a balanced width to offset ratio. Option Lab Wheels take it all into consideration and have gone the extra mile with its innovative lineup of wheels for every daily driver, track car, and luxury vehicle that deserves nothing but the best. 

Option Lab Wheels Structural Advantages

Equally as important as the sleek design elements are the reliable base materials and methods used to construct their tires at Option Lab. According to Option Lab Wheels, every wheel features, “Low Pressure Cast or High Pressure Flow Formed” designs whichmeet and exceed the American SAE J2530, DOT-T and Japanese JWL/VIA standard”.

These professional production standards provide optimal wheel density and eliminate potential weak spots with metal consistency throughout the entirety of the wheel. This results in lighter wheels without compromising on structural strength or safer road performance. Option Lab Wheels are serious about exceptional craftsmanship and stand behind every wheel with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year warranty on paint finishes.  

Greater Diversity of Aggressive & Luxury Looks Available

As a pivotal focal point for your vehicle’s exterior, you’d be hard-pressed to find another exterior performance part that can match the dramatic visual transition new wheels provide. From the elegantly aligned spoke layouts, to the multi-coated paint durability that’s capable of withstanding the harshest of road conditions, some of our most popular Option Lab Wheel finishes include: 

  • Midnight Blue & Apex Shadow
  • Onyx White & Top-Secret Gold
  • Formula Bronze & Nightfall Grey
  • Gotham Black & More…
  • With other detailed benefits like masked lug nut ports prior to painting and enhanced base coats applied to every wheel, you can expect every set of wheels from Option Lab to resist peeling, UV damage, rust, and corrosion. In addition to the premium paints used, many of their finishes boast unique aesthetic characteristics like a beautiful shine or darker tone depending on the current lighting conditions. 

    Option Lab Wheels Adaptable Fitment 

    Depending on the tire you install and the look you’re going for, these wheels are a great option to consider if you’re looking for an aggressive stance. These wheels are compatible with a range of tire widths and provide plenty of space for your calipers. For drivers that prefer a narrower tire to prevent sidewall flexing during hard cornering, the broad wheel drums allow for a diversity of tire widths to accommodate your performance preferences. Whichever tire you go with, you can expect the perfectly designed offset to add a professional appeal to any exterior. 

    While browsing our best wheels, reach out to our experts at any time for comprehensive guidance and friendly assistance with any of the parts in our store.