Maintaining Your Infiniti: The Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Infiniti Performance Parts

Preserving the value of your vehicle, enhancing the performance, and fine-tuning the aesthetic are all possible with the right aftermarket upgrades. JDMuscle is obsessed with the best in aftermarket excellence, and proudly offer an expansive lineup of Infiniti performance parts for every car enthusiast in search of a great deal and inspired performance quality. 

Whether you’re new to the aftermarket scene, or you’re already halfway through an engine build, we’ve got everything you need to push your Infiniti beyond its limitations. Proven to optimize engine performance and elevate curbside appeal, here are some of our favorite parts to consider for your next upgrade.

1. Infiniti Cold Air Intakes

Among our most versatile engine additions, upgrading your cold air intake system provides a boost in engine performance and efficiency. With an optimized Infiniti G37 Cold Air Intake installed, you can expect: 

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Additional Horsepower
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Cleanable Air Filters
  • Desirable Engine Notes

2. Incredible Infiniti Aerodynamics

If you’re working with a tighter customization budget, it’s always a good idea to consider multi-purpose upgrades. We recommend anybody additions that optimize aerodynamics, reduce vehicle weight, and improve the style with a single upgrade. On the front end, you can incorporate a carbon fiber hood with a port for a useful weight reduction and improved engine breathability. On the tail-end, our Infiniti spoilers generate significant downward force for added traction, acceleration, and a noticeably more aggressive body style. 

3. Professional Lighting for Every Infiniti

While you’re fine-tuning the exterior, the next step in exterior improvement starts with customized lighting. We offer a powerful line of projector headlights, and futuristic 2015 Q50 aftermarket tail lights, and only offer designs that include easier installations, stronger components, and creative design features that add value to every ride. 

4. Upgrade Your Suspension System

Often overlooked because engine performance and aesthetics get the attention, allocating a portion of your budget for a better suspension setup is money well spent. For example, with an adaptable coilover system installed, you can take your daily driver to the track on the weekends. Coilovers allow you to switch between street suspension and tighter track handling with a few simple knob adjustments. 

We have every suspension component under the sun, so the moment you notice a drop in ride comfort or your handling becomes less responsive, we’re your go-to resource for affordable kits, single replacement parts, and everything else you need to hit the turns and bumps with smoother performance. 

5. Tie it All Together With Interior Upgrades

The finishes touch matter, and that’s especially true for your interiors. Check out our modern shifter knobs, and comfortable steering wheels, and customize any interior look with creative colors and patterns to match your seats, dash, and displays. 

6. Find Hard-to-Find Infiniti Parts at JDMuscle

All of our featured Infiniti products are backed by decades of car customization experience. We’ll help you narrow down the search, and are always available to answer your questions about installations, warranties, and product information.