Your car should respond to your touch smoothly and quickly, without shimmying, flexing or vibrating. Choose from a wide range of JDMuscle’s aftermarket parts to increase responsiveness and tailor your car’s handling the way you prefer. Here are just some of the parts that improve handling.


A Coilover is a kind of adjustable suspension—think of a shock absorber with a coiled spring wrapped around it. Aftermarket coilovers allow you to go far beyond your car’s original shock absorbers. With coilovers, you can lower the car’s center of gravity, adjust the ride height, reduce weight transfer when changing direction, reduce wheel and chassis vibrations, and cut down on a host of other problems—wheel spinning, rocking and more. JDMuscle sells hundreds of models of coilovers, so you can find the best ones for your ride.

Strut bars

Connecting your front-end strut towers under the hood, strut bars reinforce the car’s frame and make the front end more rigid—which cuts down on vehicle flexing as you’re cornering. Strut bars also called strut tower bars, are simple but effective bracing to tighten up the car and improve your control.

Sway bars

As you make turns and take on curves, your car’s weight shifts to one side. Sway bars apply force to the suspension on each side, redistributing weight for greater stability and control and less body roll. Turning changes the wheels’ alignment and can reduce tires’ grip on the road—grip you need for safe handling. Sway bars’ effect on stability helps improve that grip.


It’s easy to forget about bushings, which insulate between parts to dampen vibrations. OEM bushings tend to be made of rubber, which degrades, dries, and cracks over time. Aftermarket bushings of durable polyurethane keep on reducing vibrations longer to make handling smoother.

Tires and Brakes

Both are easy to overlook. Yet tires are literally “where the rubber meets the road,” making them crucial to superior handling. Tires affect not only grip on the road but also braking distance and steering responsiveness. JDMuscle can help you locate the right tire for your specific Japanese sport model, for optimal performance. Don’t take brakes for granted, either. Performance brakes withstand greater friction and heat, and last longer than OEM versions. From Evo brakes to GTR breaks, we have a vast variety to meet your brake needs.

From Mazda Miata aftermarket parts to Subaru aftermarket parts, JDMuscle has the best performance car parts for sale online. Start shopping our online store to buy your next performance aftermarket automotive car parts today!