Enhance throttle response, boost the power, and revel in the throaty muffler sounds with any of the best cat-back exhausts featured here at JDMuscle. Our innovative cat-back exhaust systems free up your exhaust gas flow, boost horsepower, and reduce engine fatigue with greatly enhanced airflow. These versatile systems improve gas efficiency, are simple to install, and make it easy to achieve that customized muffler growl you’re looking for. 

HKS Hi-Power Muffler SPEC-L Cat-back Exhaust

The HKS 304 stainless steel construction fitted with carbon wrapped tips is the perfect upgrade for a more aggressive engine tone. This lightweight exhaust system fits securely to muffler mounts and provides noticeable improvements in throttle performance, torque, and horsepower. 

You can select from a range of modified exhaust tips, and easily adjust the style to match whatever exhaust aesthetic you’re after. As one of the most affordable exhaust upgrades in the industry, this state-of-the-art muffler system is designed for the budget-friendly car enthusiast that never settles for less. 

Borla S-Type 3" Cat-back Exhaust w/ 3.5in Black Chrome Tips

Black chrome never goes out of style, and with a precision tuned purr to match, this cat-back exhaust system is the luxury modification you were searching for. Every detail of this exceptional cat-back design has been taken into consideration; Borla® includes all installation hardware, backs their exhaust system with a million-mile warranty, and produces a distinctive muffler sound you’ll be proud to rev. 

Unlike other muffler systems that produce an undesirable droning sound, this cat-back’s flow system has been expertly engineered to bring out the best in the WRX and STI’s natural rumble. This distinctive system features solid stainless steel components, doesn’t require cutting with their user-friendly bolt-on system, and features elegant ceramic tips for that high-end luxury finish. 

RES Valvetronic Cat-back Exhaust

If you’re looking for a deeper level of exhaust customization, the Valvetronic cat-back exhaust system caters to the muffler aficionado. The revolutionary open/close valve system enables muffler enthusiasts to maintain a quieter note when cruising the town, or unleash the muffler growl with an open valve when you hit the track. This brilliant design boasts a decibel range of 93db with the valve closed, and a peak volume of 119db with the valve opened. 

Constructed from a durable stainless steel/titanium base, you can fully-customized your muffler order to precise specification. You can choose from 13 unique muffler tips, and easily adjust your muffler valve for tailored growls with their convenient app, remote, or optional Designer Hover Switch.  

Customize Your Cat-back Muffler With JDMuscle

For that one-of-a-kind upgrade you’re looking for, get in touch with our aftermarket pros to find the perfect setup for your ride. We can help you find a precision aftermarket exhaust system that captures that style, performance, and exclusive sound you’re looking for. Our aftermarket selection continues to expand, so let us know if you ever need any help finding other amazing performance or aesthetic upgrades to your ride.