Carbon Fiber Hoods & Trunks

Experience the best of weight reduction, optimized aerodynamics, and eye-catching carbon fiber quality with the broad selection of customized styles at JDMuscle. The finishing touches make a huge impact, and with the right trunk and hood replacement, you can expect to reduce engine fatigue, improve downward force, and always arrive in style with the latest in carbon fiber innovation. Whether you’re after a bold new look, or you’re looking for pure speed and tighter performance, our expansive collection of carbon fiber parts are expertly designed to bring out the best in your ride. 

Why Invest in Carbon Fiber Parts?

The remarkably light and durable strands used in the production of carbon fiber result in significant tensile strength, outstanding longevity, and greater flexibility when it comes to custom part creation. This inherent versatility enables carbon fiber to address aerodynamic limitations with improved shaping, while simultaneously, our manufacturers boast incredible design details and finishing touches that resist fading, UV damage, corrosion, and the harshest of road and racing conditions.

Carbon Fiber Upgrades Improve Speed & Handling

With a WRX carbon fiber trunk replacement, you can easily shed unwanted pounds to optimize front-end weight distribution for improved acceleration and a reduced lift. Of course, the amount of weight reduction depends on the OEM parts replaced, but if you plan on replacing both the trunk and the hood, it’s possible to drop up to 50 pounds of unwanted baggage. This optimized weight distribution leads to more responsive handling, better tire traction, and less high-speed drag. Throw a carbon fiber spoiler into the mix, and your downward force and acceleration ascend to the next level. 

Show Up in Style With Carbon Fiber Customization

Again, thanks to the greater versatility of carbon fiber, styles like this Seibon carbon fiber hood wrx are redefining both style and performance. With upper-class qualities like signature weave patterns, precision hood venting, and out-of-the-box installation simplicity, customizing the style of your ride has never been easier. In addition to the unforgettable aesthetic elements, many of our lightweight hoods improve forward air intake, include vehicle-specific machining for gap-free installation, and are among the most affordable upgrades to consider if you’re searching for a revolutionized appearance that’s guaranteed to turn heads. 

Partner With JDMuscle to Elevate the Rest

After you drop the pounds, optimize your aerodynamics, and feel the dramatic difference in performance and handling with a new trunk or hood, our well-connected shop can help you fine-tune every other component imaginable. Our carbon fiber lineup features everything from lips, body kits, rearview mirrors, and the best selection of interior parts for a redefined ride inside and out. 

As your go-to resource for every car improvement imaginable, our expert team is glad to help you compare and contrast the best parts to accomplish your customized goals. From maximized performance for less to never-before-seen aesthetic style, there’s no personalized upgrade beyond our car enthusiasts’ expertise.