For the coolest ride on the road, our aftermarket Toyota parts elevate your car’s style while taking performance to the next level. At JDMuscle, our advanced aftermarket parts combine the latest design elements with a focus on improved functionality for an unbelievable transformation that is sure to impress. If you’re ready to build the car of your dreams, check out some of these fan-favorite parts offered at JDMuscle!

The Best in Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors 

One of our most popular and cost-effective improvements, our carbon fiber side mirrors, feature sleek styles and greatly enhance aerodynamic performance. These affordable Toyota upgrades utilize a wide mirror design with precision convex lenses for the best in cruising clarity and blind spot detection. With our ultra-light carbon fiber design that cuts through the air, you can expect reduced drag for that extra boost you’ve been looking for! 

APR GT-250 Wings Improve Downward Force

At JD Muscle, we consider every angle of optimized performance. Our extensive line of APR GT-250 wings feature professionally engineered lightweight carbon fiber designs proven to greatly improve downward force, leading to significantly improved road traction and acceleration. All of our expertly designed APR GT-250 wings have been aerodynamically verified, using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, for proven performance that you can count on.

The Ultimate Body Kit for Toyota

Our body kit combines elegant styles and rugged performance enhancements for a race-inspired upgrade that will make your Toyota stand out from the crowd. Our complete body kits feature a variety of elements that greatly improve the look, handling, and performance of your ride.

JD Muscle Will Help You Fine Tune Your Ride

All of our professional aftermarket parts come with the JDMuscle stamp of approval and are backed by the latest in engineering innovation. If you’re looking for the best Toyota upgrades in the industry, our professional performance experts are here to help you transform your ride with amazing customer service, knowledgeable installation assistance, and the best selection of aftermarket upgrades in the business. If you’d like help with your next upgrade, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call today!