Whether you’re looking to enhance your car’s value for resale, or simply want to upgrade and maximize your car’s performance, investing in quality aftermarket parts is an effective way to take your car to the next level. While many aftermarket options are strictly aesthetic, our professional collection of upgrades are designed to increase road handling, reduce drag, and make shifting smoother. 

Reduce Drag and Increase Downward Force

One of the most game-changing upgrades you should look into is the 2015 WRX carbon fiber wing. Compatible with the Subaru STI or WRX models, this beast of a rear wing looks awesome. On top of looking incredible, this fully carbon fiber design is lightweight and maximizes the downward air forces on your vehicle. In other words, your tires will grip the road with tenacity and consistency providing superior control around tight corners and during rapid acceleration. 

The Perfect White Knuckle Upgrade

To perfectly complement your adrenaline-junkie desires, upgrade your ride with a steering wheel that is responsive, grippy, and more importantly, cool looking. If your car is maxed out on horsepower, having a comfortable and reliable steering wheel is needed to control all of that power. We recommend the WRX carbon fiber steering wheel. Complete with comfortable padding and an easy install, this steering wheel is a great addition to any ride. 

Make the Most of Your Shifting

One of the simplest and most affordable upgrades that will make your ride stand out is a quality shifter knob upgrade. Most standard shifters are generic and don’t fit comfortably in the hand. When every second counts while you’re racing down the road, having a stylish knob that perfectly fits your hand can make all the difference in your split-second shifting. With a ton of different colors and designs available for every hand size, these low-cost upgrades are worth a buy. 

Tie It All Together with an Aero Kit

To round out your awesome car upgrades, check out a full aero kit that includes a front lip, side skirts, and rear spats. Each matching piece comes fully glossed with an aggressive red trim and is engineered to minimize drag while looking sleek. This rugged-looking kit transforms your ride into a street racing beauty. Complete with all necessary mounting hardware, this solid upgrade will have heads turning as you fly by.