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Nissan GTR Performance Brakes

JDMuscle is your one stop shop for all of the highest quality aftermarket GTR brakes and braking components. We carry the most trustworthy brands you can rely on like StopTech, Hawk, DBA, and so many more. Hawk ceramic rear brakes were developed to improve your GTR’s stopping power while eliminating unwanted friction and vibration. For the amount of stopping power these brakes are capable while producing a smoother ride, and for the price? These brakes are an absolute steal. If you’re a track enthusiast and plan on unleashing your GTR on the track then Hawk Blue 9012 are the pads you need. These heavy duty track-ready brakes are designed with a heavy compound that is ideal for heavy and aggressive braking making these brakes the ultimate track performance Nissan GTR brake. Feed those impressive brakes with a reliable and high quality set of brakes lines. The StopTech front and rear brake lines for your GTR provide a quicker responding brake pedal so you can have precision timing and a better response from your GTR on the track. 

We promise that with so many GTR R35 aftermarket parts, performance brakes, and GTR transmission parts for sale, you’re guaranteed to find the set you need at the price you want. We believe that one of the most impressive and most complete sets of aftermarket GTR brakes are the Hawk HP+ pads. These pads are true industry titans as they can get driven to and from the track. The Hawk HP+ pads provide you with incredible stopping power for the track but aren’t harsh and can be comfortably driven on the streets. For the driver who is strictly sticking to the streets, Hawk Performance has the highest quality aftermarket GTR brake pads for sale. The High Performance Street 5.0 Compound that is designed to work well with your ABS system and will help to keep it from going into ICE mode. The High Performance Street 5.0 disk brake pads are not just Nissan GTR brakes but also suitable for American Muscle, European cars, Tuners, and so many more making them an all around respected brake pad.

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